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inactiveTopic Smalltalk and the CLR
started 3/6/2002; 12:34:18 PM - last post 3/6/2002; 3:30:58 PM
Ehud Lamm - Smalltalk and the CLR  blueArrow
3/6/2002; 12:34:18 PM (reads: 1730, responses: 1)
Smalltalk and the CLR
Two links to the same weblog in one day?! Well, how about that!

I think it is time to say the obvious thing about this language neutral runtime debate: Yeah, you can implement any language using these runtimes. Heck, you can implement any language using a LC evaluator. The problem is that if you expect the runtime to help you, you are probably looking for a runtime that isn't so damn neutral

Posted to cross-language-runtimes by Ehud Lamm on 3/6/02; 12:35:27 PM

rev - Re: Smalltalk and the CLR  blueArrow
3/6/2002; 3:30:58 PM (reads: 576, responses: 0)
I must admit, at first, I was pretty damn excited about this CLR stuff, even though I haven't any machines capable of running Win2k+, it just seemed pretty damn cool. Especially as a Smalltalker- it would just be nice to be able to use most any library, without having to rewrite it in Smalltalk (which is all too often the suggestion on cls), or write bindings (blech). But the more this unfolds, the more it seems like MS left a lot of stuff out, leaving it kind of gimped.