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started 5/1/2002; 1:05:30 PM - last post 5/1/2002; 1:05:30 PM
Brent Fulgham - Eclipse and Emacs  blueArrow
5/1/2002; 1:05:30 PM (reads: 1867, responses: 0)
For fun I wrote an Eclipse plug-in to support the Goo programming language. You can read my impressions on my own little blog site.

Here's my conclusion:

Well, my initial impressions of Eclipse were positive. However, I did feel that the available tools and extension points were somewhat limiting. More than once I threw up my hands in frustration because of the (in my opinion) overly obscure object hierarchy. Often, useful objects were defined as "package" visibility which resulted in me having to copy various class files out of the JDT source pool to make part of the Goo hierarchy.