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inactiveTopic "Spend A Day with .NET" Coding Contest
started 8/4/2002; 12:53:53 PM - last post 8/5/2002; 4:59:58 AM
Ehud Lamm - "Spend A Day with .NET" Coding Contest  blueArrow
8/4/2002; 12:53:53 PM (reads: 1344, responses: 1)
"Spend A Day with .NET" Coding Contest
A different kind of programing contest. The ICFP contest allows you to choose almost any language platform you like in order to solve the assigned programming problem. Here you can decide for yourself what to code, but you must code for .Net

Posted to fun by Ehud Lamm on 8/4/02; 12:58:30 PM

Noel Welsh - Re:  blueArrow
8/5/2002; 4:59:58 AM (reads: 471, responses: 0)
Hmmm... Pity about the prizes.