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jon fernquest - Introduction to the Personal Basis Profile  blueArrow
9/11/2002; 3:02:56 AM (reads: 1745, responses: 3)
Introduction to the Personal Basis Profile
The newly-released Personal Basis Profile (PBP) provides a Java runtime environment with network connectivity and basic graphical presentation for high-end PDAs, set-top boxes and other devices.

PBP applications can use floating-point values, object finalization, and other features missing from the CLDC... The PBP also incorporates all the features of the Foundation Profile (FP), including the many core J2SE classes the FP adds to the smaller set that the CDC specifies.... the PBP does not specify familiar UI components like buttons, menus, or listboxes - and the leanness of the specification is quite intentional. The PBP is meant to support a wide variety of UI component sets, on devices of many different kinds. The expectation is that applications will rely on toolkits that provide lightweight components appropriate to a target category of devices.

Another recent article describes the new Xlet application model for the profile.

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9/11/2002; 3:21:19 AM (reads: 626, responses: 0)
Note that #4 on 10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0 was "Ditch the AWT."

The article also advocated forking and diversification among the languages in the Java language family:

J2ME might choose to take a different path than J2SE and J2EE... J2ME can continue development-based Java 2 with its dichotomy between primitive and object types, its 2+2=-1 arithmetic, and all of the problems that entails. In this environment, the benefits of moving may not outweigh the cost. But Java is no longer a language just for cheap set-top boxes (and really it never was). The needs of the desktop and the server are not the same as the needs of the cell phone and the digital watch. Programmers in each environment need a language tailored for them. One size does not fit all.

What will the new diversity in GUI's be like? And where will they come from? Will Personal Basis Profile GUI's be completely proprietary?

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Chris - Re: Introduction to the Personal Basis Profile  blueArrow
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The best thing about writing WORA code in Java is that are so many Javas from which to choose. ;-)