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inactiveTopic Programming languages textbook online
started 9/24/2002; 4:53:09 PM - last post 10/12/2002; 1:44:06 AM
Michael Vanier - Programming languages textbook online  blueArrow
9/24/2002; 4:53:09 PM (reads: 1663, responses: 6)
Programming languages textbook online
This is a textbook for a programming languages class, focusing on basic type theory and the implementation of (mostly) functional languages. It's sort of a cross between to Pierce's Types in Programming Languages and Friedman et. al.'s Essentials of Programming Languages. It has a nice introduction to type theory and operational semantics, and has implementations of several toy languages done in ocaml. Best of all, it's totally free! ;-)
Posted to teaching/learning by Michael Vanier on 9/24/02; 4:53:38 PM

Frank Atanassow - Re: Programming languages textbook online  blueArrow
9/25/2002; 2:43:40 AM (reads: 946, responses: 0)
Thanks. I added this to my PLT Online page.

BTW, there is now an editable version of PLT Online available from our group's WikiWiki server (user registration required to edit). See:

My list of programming language homepages is "mirrored" there also.

DNess - Re: Programming languages textbook online  blueArrow
9/25/2002; 2:15:05 PM (reads: 872, responses: 0)
I have tried to access the software and keep getting sent to a Google page at JH. Since being able to `do' the things discussed is an important part of the presentation to me, does anyone know how to actually get the software?

[Added later: Suggestion (below) worked for me. Thanks.]

scruzia - Re: Programming languages textbook online  blueArrow
9/25/2002; 2:36:35 PM (reads: 869, responses: 0)
Maybe the site got "Lamb-dotted" :-)

Nah, it's just that the internal links are bad. The tildes got translated into crap (%A0). Try these:

jon fernquest - Re: Programming languages textbook online  blueArrow
9/27/2002; 7:57:06 AM (reads: 790, responses: 0)
It's great to have a book similar to EOPL in OCAML and some things I like better, like in the compiling by program transformation section the ideas are much clearer and principled, it's much easier to understand exactly what ideas in the program are helping you to get from A to Z.

Biep - Re: Programming languages textbook online  blueArrow
10/11/2002; 11:07:37 AM (reads: 676, responses: 0)
I have problems reading the PDF from the 119th page on. Is that me, or is there a problem with the source?

Michael Vanier - Re: Programming languages textbook online  blueArrow
10/12/2002; 1:44:06 AM (reads: 670, responses: 0)
It's you ;-) I can read the PDF with no problems all the way through.