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inactiveTopic The "Plankalkul" of Konrad Zuse
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Dejan Jelovic - The "Plankalkul" of Konrad Zuse  blueArrow
11/27/2002; 7:35:39 AM (reads: 2011, responses: 1)
The "Plankalkul" of Konrad Zuse

Plankalkul was an attempt by Konrad Zuse in the 1940's to devise a notational and conceptual system for writing what today is termed a program. Although this early approach to a programming language did not lead to practical use, the plan is described here because it contains features that are standard in today's programming languages.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: The "Plankalkül" of Konrad Zuse  blueArrow
11/27/2002; 3:09:08 PM (reads: 850, responses: 0)
This looks fascinating, thanks! Just the sort of thing I am interested in.