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started 12/27/2002; 11:38:06 AM - last post 12/30/2002; 12:48:50 PM
Bryn Keller - O'Haskell  blueArrow
12/27/2002; 11:38:06 AM (reads: 1256, responses: 2)
From the "things we ought to have references to but somehow don't" department:

O'Haskell is
    * the purely functional language Haskell, 
        conservatively extended with
          o subtyping
          o monadic objects
    * an object-oriented imperative language, 
        enhanced with
          o parameteric polymorphism
          o automatic type inference
    * a concurrent language, with
          o a reactive communication model
          o asynchronous and synchronous message-passing
all at the same time. The O in O'Haskell should be interpreted as standing for both Objects and what remains of IO when the Evil I is removed.

O'Haskell is currently being developed at Oregon Graduate Institute and Chalmers University of Technology by Johan Nordlander, Magnus Carlsson, and Bjorn von Sydow.
Posted to object-functional by Bryn Keller on 12/27/02; 12:15:42 PM

Brent Fulgham - Re: O'Haskell  blueArrow
12/30/2002; 12:23:24 PM (reads: 512, responses: 1)
An interesting project, but looks pretty dormant. I'm not sure if the original authors are still working on this any more...

Bryn Keller - Re: O'Haskell  blueArrow
12/30/2002; 12:48:50 PM (reads: 568, responses: 0)
Indeed, they seem to have moved to the Timber project.

It never seemed to me that O'Haskell was particularly well received - perhaps the authors didn't promote it heavily enough, but I've noticed that many (most?) Ocaml users also seem to have little interest in the object-oriented subset of that language, so I'm wondering if anti-OO prejudice has kept O'Haskell from realizing its full potential. Admittedly, Haskell type classes make up for the lack of OO support to some degree, so perhaps the problems O'Haskell solves were not compelling ones for most users.