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started 12/27/2002; 1:17:51 PM - last post 12/28/2002; 4:02:42 AM
Ehud Lamm - Generic C# Sample Programs  blueArrow
12/27/2002; 1:17:51 PM (reads: 1309, responses: 2)
Generic C# Sample Programs
(via the LtU DG)

An interesting set of example programs that use the generic programming facilities of C#.

I've implemented most of these ideas in Ada (which always had generics), so looking at the C# code is interesting.

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 12/27/02; 1:19:49 PM

Isaac Gouy - Re: Generic C# Sample Programs  blueArrow
12/27/2002; 1:42:39 PM (reads: 803, responses: 1)
looking at the ... code is interesting
That's what I find interesting about the language shootouts - the same problem in different languages. I wonder what these more interesting problems would look like in Nice, or ...

Ehud Lamm - Re: Generic C# Sample Programs  blueArrow
12/28/2002; 4:02:42 AM (reads: 816, responses: 0)
If the languages are close enough the comparison can be meaningful, but when very different languages are compared it is hard to distinguish between the various language fatures.

In this case we are talking about variations on single langauage feature: genericity.