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inactiveTopic Vault released
started 1/3/2003; 7:58:18 AM - last post 2/19/2003; 1:09:59 PM
Kimberley Burchett - Vault released  blueArrow
1/3/2003; 7:58:18 AM (reads: 609, responses: 7)
I just noticed that the Vault programming language from Microsoft Research is available for download. Last I looked, they only had papers available. Previously mentioned on LtU here.

In brief, it's a safe language that gives as much control over data layout and lifetime as C and C++. It also statically prevents resource leaks and some API protocol errors (e.g. trying to write to a read-only file).

Isaac Gouy - Re: Vault released  blueArrow
1/3/2003; 1:43:18 PM (reads: 622, responses: 0)
I can see some of the differences between Vault and Cyclone-
GC: Cyclone , not Vault
Closures: ? not Cyclone, Vault
Type inference: some in Cyclone, not Vault
(Still thinking about resource management and access control within the Vault type system).

In my ignorance, Vault could be looked at as a C syntax functional programming language ;-)
- first class functions, algebraic data-types with pattern matching, parametric polymorphism... wonder what lists look like?

When Vault was mentioned before, comparison was made to Ada. For my information, does Ada now have algebraic data types or closures?

The safety-critical perspective on C++ vs Ada brought out some contradictions - language restrictions provide "safety" except when they restrict to much.

Michael Vanier - Re: Vault released  blueArrow
1/3/2003; 6:03:21 PM (reads: 596, responses: 0)
Hmm. I can't read the tutorial documentation using Mozilla (the javascript doesn't work for some reason). Anyone else had any luck?

Isaac Gouy - Re: Vault released  blueArrow
1/4/2003; 12:05:34 AM (reads: 589, responses: 0)

Isaac Gouy - Re: Vault released  blueArrow
1/9/2003; 12:06:27 AM (reads: 546, responses: 0)
You should be able to read the tutorial documentation with Mozilla using the page-bottom links from the Introduction page.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Vault released  blueArrow
1/9/2003; 7:15:39 AM (reads: 533, responses: 0)
Oh well, the last section of the tutorial should be readable with Mozilla on this Keys page.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Vault released  blueArrow
1/21/2003; 4:15:06 PM (reads: 470, responses: 0)
Good to see that the Cyclone and Vault research groups share.

Isaac Gouy - Re: Vault released  blueArrow
2/19/2003; 1:09:59 PM (reads: 423, responses: 0)
Ask and you shall receive!

There is now a direct link to the Vault tutorial. It works with NN7.