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2/6/2003; 12:52:06 AM (reads: 1226, responses: 1)
Matthias Felleisen:The Human Language Interface (ppt)
While researchers have paid some attention to explaining syntax errors, type errors, and data flow properties, most research efforts focus on type systems, logics, semantics, compilation strategies, register allocation, instruction pipelining, memory locality, etc. In other words, work on the language-machine interface dominates work on the human-language interface. The consequences are bad for both novices and experienced programmers. Novices struggle with an array of bewildering programming and programming language concepts from the very start; professionals who switch from one class of language to another often miss the point of the new language and its program design philosophy.

Yet another presentation about DrScheme and friends.

I always enjoy finding a twin soul, which perhaps explains my delight with PLT's philosophy which begins with the understanding that programming languages are, first and foremost, languages meant for human consumption.

This presentation has little new, if you followed our previous links about PLT, HtDP and DrScheme.

Two points that are always worth mentioning: Less dropouts, especially women, and better results in advanced courses than students with Java only background.

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One thing Matthias talks about when he lectures about DrScheme is about using Scheme as opposed to using Haskell.

An interesting thread in the Haskell mailing list, touches upon this issue, and makes some observations about DrScheme and Helium (a new IDE for Haskell newbies).