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andrew cooke - OCaml Translation and Functional Objects  blueArrow
8/15/2000; 12:13:32 AM (reads: 358, responses: 0)
OCaml Translation and Functional Objects
Two related links today.

First, Chris Rathman has cleverly made a URL that translates the OCaml manual mentioned earlier. Note that the links in the contents page automatically invoke the translator, but links within the manual body do not (it's not recursive! ;-).

The translation, by free translation, is generally intelligible and occasionally funny. It's a big improvement on pretending that it's written in Spanish (my technique for reading French).

Second, it's interesting to see how OCaml handles objects within a functional language. This chapter from the OCaml manual gives the basics. I think it's readable even if you don't know ML - just remember that the mutable and ref keywords indicate non-strict features (ie variables that can change their value and "pointers").

Note that, a fair way down the page, functional objects are introduced. Also, it's interesting to see how objects integrate into the type system.

I suspect there's similar info in the book Chris has provided the translation for - but I found this before I had that available...
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