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Ehud Lamm - Functional Images  blueArrow
3/26/2003; 1:03:49 PM (reads: 2520, responses: 6)
Functional Images
A nice writeup about the Pan DSEL for creating images, that was mentioned here a few times in the past.

This is a chapter from the upcoming The Fun of Programming book, from the symposium in honour of Professor Richard Bird's 60th birthday.

Posted to functional by Ehud Lamm on 3/26/03; 1:07:42 PM

Dominic Fox - Re: Functional Images  blueArrow
3/26/2003; 3:01:13 PM (reads: 801, responses: 1)

I'm reading Bird's Introduction... at the moment, having borrowed it off a CS graduate colleague who turned me on to Haskell by translating my first efforts at Scheme programming into Haskell before my eyes. The Fun of Programming may be the first FP book I buy for myself - there's another sample chapter (on trees, and some simultaneously clever, efficient and beautiful ways of manipulating them) available from the publishers' website.

The title of the book is interesting. For some time now, the definitive index of programming goodness has been "elegance". What if it were fun instead? There is a particular sort of delight to be had in the conjunction of cleverness, efficiency and beauty; and I think the name fun is a good one for this kind of aesthetic pleasure. Is Java fun? Not much. Ruby has advertised itself (with some justification, in my view) as being fun for quite a while. Not everybody's idea of fun is the same...

Patrick Logan - Re: Functional Images  blueArrow
3/26/2003; 8:01:27 PM (reads: 772, responses: 0)
From John Ramsdell oh so many years ago...
The wonderful thing about Scheme is:
Scheme is a wonderful thing.
Complex procedural ideas
Are expressed via simple strings.
It's clear semantics, and lack of pedantics,
Help make programs run, run, RUN!
But the most wonderful thing about Scheme is:
Programming in it is fun,
Programming in it is FUN!

Patrick Logan - Re: Functional Images  blueArrow
3/26/2003; 8:10:08 PM (reads: 756, responses: 0)
I have never seen anyone have as much fun with programming as Ward Cunningham with Smalltalk.

Patrick Logan - Re: Functional Images  blueArrow
3/26/2003; 9:39:33 PM (reads: 731, responses: 0)
The book is listed on Amazon's UK site, but not the U.S. site. I hope it will be available here in the U.S. soon.

Paul Snively - Re: Functional Images  blueArrow
3/26/2003; 9:55:30 PM (reads: 719, responses: 0)
BTW, Patrick, thanks for the pointer (in another thread) to SISC: that's a nice implementation!

Ehud Lamm - Re: Functional Images  blueArrow
3/26/2003; 11:41:08 PM (reads: 757, responses: 0)
Right! Okasaki's contribution is the sample chapter you can find on Palgrave's web site.

As you'd expect, it's well written and very informative (Chris's PFDS book is a real gem).