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Dan Shappir - NewCode, a secure PL  blueArrow
4/1/2003; 1:03:11 AM (reads: 1892, responses: 3)
NewCode, a secure PL
via Slashdot

Dubbed NewCode, the language promises to revolutionise software development, as the language makes it impossible to express a security vulnerability in a program's source code.

"We were inspired by Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which there is a language called NewSpeak which made it impossible to express political dissent," says the group's leader, Julia Jones. "NewCode was developed with similar goals, but a different focus.

This looks very interesting!
Posted to fun by Dan Shappir on 4/1/03; 1:04:07 AM

Dan Shappir - Re: NewCode, a secure PL  blueArrow
4/1/2003; 1:06:12 AM (reads: 767, responses: 0)
April fool!

(See if you can spot all the references to Orwell's book in the article)

Aleksey Kliger - Re: NewCode, a secure PL  blueArrow
4/1/2003; 6:05:50 AM (reads: 699, responses: 0)

You know, while this article is obviously a joke, it is an active line of research to do just what the article suggests. In fact, the NewSpeak analogy is rather apt.

Check out

Andrei Sabelfeld, Andrew C. Myers. "Language-Based Information Flow Security", in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, special issue on Formal Methods for Security, 21(1):5-19, January 2003.

(available here) for a survey paper of existing work in this area.

bryan rasmussen - Re: NewCode, a secure PL  blueArrow
4/1/2003; 8:14:30 AM (reads: 688, responses: 0)
made me think of E: