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Ehud Lamm - Several interesting books for sale  blueArrow
4/13/2003; 2:53:43 PM (reads: 1336, responses: 0)
Several interesting books for sale
Darius was kind enough to post a list of programming languages related books he must part with. His message includes short comments about a few of these (some were mentioned on LtU in the past). I think you should take a look. There are real treasures in that list.

I also recommend checking the complete list of books Darius is willing to sell. I know many will appeal to LtU regulars.

Anyone interested in the history of programming languages should be interested in Liskov and Guttag's, Abstraction and Specification in Program Development (the classic CLU book) and the Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language Algol 68. I don't have any shelf space, or I would be all over these.

While looking at the list I also noticed Minsky and Papert's, Perceptrons, which is a must have for anyone interested in neural networks. It is a really cute book. Udi Manber's Introduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach is one of my favorite textbooks on algorithm design.

Take a look for yourselves. The list includes many books on DSLs, implementation techniques, Logic/Declerative languages and the history of programming languages.

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