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inactiveTopic 80x86 ASM for ASP.NET
started 4/30/2003; 12:12:29 AM - last post 4/30/2003; 12:12:29 AM
Dan Shappir - 80x86 ASM for ASP.NET  blueArrow
4/30/2003; 12:12:29 AM (reads: 1346, responses: 0)
80x86 ASM for ASP.NET
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Lately we have been swamped with Bill Gate's new .NET vision. Once again even respectable people are crying out that C++ and assembler programmers will become extinct dinosaurs. My reaction to that is: "It's not fair!" Why are they always picking on assembler programmers? We don't do a lot of harm! Just because we like to have total freedom and like to be close to our hardware doesn't make us bad people. Go pick on someone else (like LISP programmers. I don't like them).

Frankly, I was getting a little tired of this whole discussion, so I decided to do something about it - by bringing x86 assembler programming into the .NET age. Well, at least to allow ASP.NET pages to be written in 80386 assembler.

A worthwhile effort if ever there was one!
Posted to fun by Dan Shappir on 4/30/03; 12:13:51 AM