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inactiveTopic XML in the technology food chain...
started 2/1/2001; 7:15:37 AM - last post 2/5/2001; 1:41:10 PM
Chris Rathman - XML in the technology food chain...  blueArrow
2/1/2001; 7:15:37 AM (reads: 1748, responses: 1)
XML in the technology food chain...
This one from Nicholas Petreley made me laugh, as he sums up:

Calling XML a technology bothers me. XML isn't much more than one of those hobbyist Dyno label makers you use to dial up the letters and punch a name into a plastic strip.

Ok, so the article is really a plea about why Sun should GPL Java. I don't necessarily agree that Sun can or should GPL the code, but it would be nice if they opened up the definition of the language, VM, and API's.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: XML in the technology food chain...  blueArrow
2/5/2001; 1:41:10 PM (reads: 790, responses: 0)
Considering the XML angle for a second, as XML is on my mind, I must say I agree: XML is not what I'd call a hi-tech invention. As a standard way of doing things, and copled with good tools (read querying tools, XSL engines etc.) it is useful. Not a real breakthrough or anything. Much like P2p and server-less computing (read Napster).

However, looking back I think it it fair to say that standatization is the key to technology advnaces. So aside from feeling sick when people think XML is some great innovation (the same people that don't know the sharp edge of a knife until they bleed...), I don't see this as a problem.