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Chris Rathman - Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/2/2003; 1:48:08 PM (reads: 2570, responses: 9)
Mug Shots
Thought it might be interesting to put faces on some of the more noteworthy people associated with Programming Languages. Probably left off many and misidentified some (e.g. Haskell is more a committee than any particular individuals).

And I haven't been able to locate a picture of Radin or Schwartz just yet. Radin was probably locked up in the back room at IBM never seeing daylight. And the military has seemingly destroyed any and all documentation concerning Jovial and anyone who has knowledge of that language! :-)
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Ruiner - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/2/2003; 3:56:43 PM (reads: 1363, responses: 0)
Site appears to have been clobbered. Anyone know of a mirror?

Chris Rathman - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/2/2003; 8:22:07 PM (reads: 1305, responses: 0)
Whoops. LtU must be reaching critical mass, as it generates overload on web pages. :-)

Don't know of any mirrors. I guess I should have linked to the original images instead of hosting them locally. Oh well, probably be back under the limit again tomorrow. :-(

Aaron Ucko - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/3/2003; 9:49:02 AM (reads: 1155, responses: 0)
Heh, cool (now that it's actually up again ;-)). You can find a picture of Gerry Sussman at the top of .

Michael Vanier - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/5/2003; 2:38:18 PM (reads: 989, responses: 0)
This is fun! For the next step, we should trade stories about these people who we've actually met. I've met Gerry Sussman, and had email interchanges with Guido van Rossum, Alan Kay, Guy Steele, and (very briefly) Bertrand Meyer and Bjarne Stroustrup.

One thing that strikes me is how nice all these people are (although I can't really vouch for Meyer and Stroustrup, because the discussions were so short). Maybe designing a successful computer language gives you a god-like serenity and confidence in yourself. Hey, maybe that's what we're all in it for ;-)

Chris Rathman - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/7/2003; 11:57:11 AM (reads: 925, responses: 0)
Never met any of them - though I've read a lot of their technical writings. :-)

I figure an aspect of the social acceptance of any language has to be fostered by a certain amount of affability on the part of the designer(s). Early on in designing a language, you have to plead for help and patiently nurture some adherents. Knowing that a successful language also requires a large library, you have to get people from all sorts of backgrounds to contribute.

(Of course, once a language is popular, you're guaranteed to have detractors that tell you how bad your language is).

Luke Gorrie - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/9/2003; 12:41:27 PM (reads: 854, responses: 0)
Nice idea!

Another way to put faces to some names is watching the "Dynamic Languages Wizards" videos from MIT.

Chris Rathman - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/10/2003; 2:29:19 PM (reads: 847, responses: 1)
Probably too late but I did get the bandwidth problem fixed (as well as getting rid of those pesky little pop ups). Also, a couple of tweaks here and there based on some input.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/11/2003; 3:03:50 AM (reads: 837, responses: 0)
This is a great resource, Chris. Thanks.

Now that you've resurfaced, we expect to see hear from you more often...

Kimberley Burchett - Re: Mug Shots  blueArrow
7/11/2003; 9:07:50 AM (reads: 773, responses: 0)
This is great! I have pictures of Adm. Grace Hopper and Ada Lovelace on my cube at work :)