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started 9/15/2003; 11:12:38 PM - last post 9/19/2003; 6:30:29 AM
Patrick Logan - Continuations Reading Group  blueArrow
9/15/2003; 11:12:38 PM (reads: 18819, responses: 5)
Continuations Reading Group
In keeping with the discussions here and in other weblogs on the use of continuations in web interactions, this announcement appeared recently on the LL1 email list.

Continuations have found many applications in the study of programming languages and (more recently) natural languages. In this reading group, we will read and discuss papers on continuations from many perspectives...
Posted to teaching/learning by Patrick Logan on 9/15/03; 11:14:06 PM

Ehud Lamm - Re: Continuations Reading Group  blueArrow
9/16/2003; 4:11:18 AM (reads: 716, responses: 1)
There are many other papers worth reading (I suggest they look inthe LtU archives). For starters, I really like this one.

Jacob Matthews - Re: Continuations Reading Group  blueArrow
9/16/2003; 5:16:11 AM (reads: 723, responses: 0)
Thanks for pointing that paper out. The link to the actual paper in the LtU article appears to be dead, but citeseer has it.

Dominic Fox - Re: Continuations Reading Group  blueArrow
9/16/2003; 8:11:39 AM (reads: 656, responses: 0)

I'm amused by the fact that CPS program transformation was effectively invented before "continuations" were...

Andrew Birkett - Re: Continuations Reading Group  blueArrow
9/18/2003; 9:36:22 AM (reads: 400, responses: 1)
Are there any online reading groups covering programming language research? It would be nice to select a few papers covering some area, read them, then discuss them on a mailing list or on irc.

Frank Atanassow - Re: Continuations Reading Group  blueArrow
9/19/2003; 6:30:29 AM (reads: 396, responses: 0)
Are there any online reading groups covering programming language research?

Yeah, somebody oughtta make, like, a weblog where they, like, link programming language research papers and stuff, and then people could, like, discuss them. But that'll prolly never happen. :)

I heard about a guy who collects PL theory texts [fixed], but that was probably just an unfounded rumor, like the one about the apocryphal (read scheme) affair.