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Ehud Lamm - Historic Documents  blueArrow
10/7/2003; 11:19:59 AM (reads: 8409, responses: 1)
Historic Documents
(via Isaac, in the discussion group)

A collection of original documents - mostly related to programming languages.

The title of the page, "Historic Documents in Computer Science", is a bit misleading. One of the things on my desk is a bag containing seminal papers from the history of CS, which I am collecting in order to create an electronic anthology for my department. This page is of little help for that project, since none of the foundational papers are here (e.g., Turing, Kleene etc.), but it is quite rich in programming language related resources.

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Tim Sweeney - Re: Historic Documents  blueArrow
10/12/2003; 3:13:29 PM (reads: 168, responses: 0)
There are a lot of great paperes in the "collected manuscripts of Edsger W. Dijkstra" section. It's amazing how much of the stuff he said relative to computing in the days of punchcard readers is still true, yet insufficiently recognized, now.