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started 10/14/2003; 4:25:16 AM - last post 10/14/2003; 7:17:04 AM
Ehud Lamm - PL/I and Multics  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 4:25:16 AM (reads: 7516, responses: 2)
PL/I and Multics
How Multics was built in a high-level language. Compiler construction and compiler features.

Yeah, yeah, I know. PL/I, fear and loathing time, right?

But the history is interesting, and when I don't have to use it, I can even fondly remember my short experience with PL/I.

And, believe it or not, the language is still alive. Shocking.

Posted to history by Ehud Lamm on 10/14/03; 4:25:51 AM

Patrick Logan - Re: PL/I and Multics  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 5:26:14 AM (reads: 322, responses: 1)
I used PL/I for several years, the way it was intended to be used...

on Data General AOS/VS with a Modula-like compiler that *generated* PL/I!


Ehud Lamm - Re: PL/I and Multics  blueArrow
10/14/2003; 7:17:04 AM (reads: 310, responses: 0)
I agree, the only way to use PL/I is by not having to write PL/I yourself...

It was much better to be a system programmer supporting the poor souls that had to code in PL/I than to use the language myself.