Welcome to the New, Improved LtU!

Welcome the the new LtU (LtU2, or LtU-TNG). Not only are we at a different location we are also running on a new software platform, so there are quite a few technical changes from the old site, the most important of which I'll try to address in this post.

Before going into these details I want to express my heart felt gratitude to all those who offered to help with this migration, and especially those that helped set up the current site.

First and foremost, Anton van Straaten. Anton offered to host LtU. Not only that, he helped choose the software to run the site (Drupal), installed it, and did most of the configuration work. Without him, I am not sure if I could have pulled this off. Not only did he do all this, but he made the process enjoyable and tried to help in every possible way.

Chris Rathman has been our archiver from the early days of LtU, creating his useful index pages. His archive of LtU messages is now accessible via this site, and will be our main archive until we manage to find a way to migrate the old content to Drupal. Note: The archive page is quite large (600K).

Gordon Weakliem helped us convert the Manila user data.

Chris, Anton, and Gordon, thanks!

Now for some details about the new site.

We made every effort to migrate the LtU members list to the new site.

Since we didn't copy passwords from the old site, you need to reactivate your account by entering your name (as it appears in the LtU database) and clicking "Request new password." A new password will be emailed to your email address.

If this process is problematic (e.g., you email address we use is invalid, you don't remember the user name you chose etc.) you can simply create a new account.

In some rare cases, you may get a messages saying "Sorry. The e-mail address x@xxx is not recognized". In that case, you can create a new account, or email anton@appsolutions.com with the account name you're trying to activate, and the email address you want to use.

Home page items are called stories and can be published by contributing editors only. The forum (click "discussions" on the left hand navigation bar) can be used by any registered member like before.

To see a combined list of all new items on the site use the "Recent Posts" link. I suggest bookmarking it.

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The site's much more responsive now.

It works!

Amazing to see the site come to life.

This site is FAST (or rather,

This site is FAST (or rather, the other was SLOW :-)

Very good

that LtU is back.

Improved is an understatement

Welcome back LtU.


The new site is fantastic! A couple tiny kinks:

  • the "Quick Quotes" link up top is misspelled
  • not all of the themes (e.g., marvin_2k, which is gorgeous, BTW) have the LtU title at the top of the page
  • I can't seem to find an RSS feed for individual messages. On LtU1 it was http://lambda.weblogs.com/discuss/rss.xml -- is there an analogous feed for LtU2?

Minor issues for an incredible upgrade. Thanks everyone for your great work!


Re the themes, only the current default theme (Chameleon) was tweaked specifically for LtU. The rest are "use at your own risk", for now. I'm sure there'll be some improvements to the site over the next few weeks - the main initial goal was to get LtU back up and running well.

We're aware of the RSS feed limitation, and we'll be working something out. There are some other feeds, such as top-level discussion forum entries, but unfortunately not one on individual comments at the moment (as far as we know).


Great to see LtU back up, and the new site is *fast*!

Thanks Again

Another me too post. Thanks guys for the effort that you have all put into transferring LTU to its new home. I'm sure that there are a whole bunch of people who, like me, lurk around here without making to many comments and absorbing as much as possible of the information and views expounded here. I always look forward to the next topic that gets posted.


This is very zippy and very nice. Thanks for all your work!


LtU has long been pretty much the ONLY programming language design & implemenation news site, so I was getting scared when it dissapeared. Or does anyone have any great sites I don't know about? /. has the occasional post about a new language or implementation, but nothing really hardcore.

We are the best, of course...

Not the "only show in town" but "the show with the best cast" :-)

Is LtU the best?

Congrats. I can login on the new setup, never could on the old.

Is LtU the best? Well, see my round up of computation weblogs... Not very polished or complete, but I plan to make it a useful resource.

One complaint, I guess a CSS complaint: with the fonts setup the way I like them on Mozilla, the body of the "Interactive Programming" story is unreadable.


A vast improvement and I'm very happy you're back.



I just noticed that I can only edit one of my posts if it is the last post in a thread (branch). At the risk of sounding like a historical revisionist: it would be nicer if you could always do it.

Editing old posts

I'll look into it.


It seems like this is a missing feature from Drupal, so it may take longer than I thought to find a solution.

Update Google directory

Someone should notify the Google directory here, as they still list the old LtU site.


Notice that lambda.weblogs.com now redirect to this site. Deep links will cause 404 messages in general, but links to the home page are ok. We set it up so that links to specific discussion group items will take you to the static archive hosted here.

This means, by the way, that you can still search using google site:lambda.weblogs.com and find what you want here - even before google adds the static archives to its index!