ll-discuss's new home

For all those (like me) who didn't get the memo, I just found out that the seemingly defunct ll1-discuss mailing list has in fact found a new home at:


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Promoted to home page

I promoted this item to the home page, I hope that's ok with you Dave.

Theis mailing list is a good resource and many gurus that for some reason don't participate on LtU, are reading and posting to it.

Notice that the call/cc in Tcl thread, touches on the continuations as closures debate.


People still subscribe to mailing lists? :-)

You can also get LL1 as group gmane.comp.lang.lightweight on NNTP server news.gmane.org. The interface works both for reading and for posting and it includes all posts since July of 2002.

Most of the world's mailing lists seem to be available via Gmane nowadays, it's a wonderful thing!

Is an RSS feed also available?

I prefer to use the aggregator for all my web reading.

Bloglines, by the way. allows you to subscribe to mailing lists as well as to RSS feeds (using a bloglines email address, which shows up as a feed in your bloglones feeds page).

i was moved automatically

as far as i can tell, i was moved automatically - i'm still subscribed and my mailbox matches their archives. if you were dropped i would guess it was a mistake.

wasn't subscribed

No, I wasn't subscribed at the time of the move. But I still liked to check up on the web archive from time to time, and there was no message on the old site about the move.