[Admin] Probation

After considering public and private complaints and suggestions from valued members of the LtU community, and after discussion between some of the site editors, we have created a new "probationary" category of site user. A user account will be placed in this category for repeated behavior that is not consistent with LtU Etiquette. Comments by these users will be reviewed by an editor before being approved for publication on the site, and any such comments that lack constructive content, or are unnecessarily inflammatory, etc. will not be approved.

Currently, only one account has been placed in this category, and there are no current plans to add any other accounts (although new accounts making suspicious posts will be scrutinized carefully). As Ehud put it, genuine members of the community, who are sincere and care about the quality of discussion on the site, need not be concerned that their status will be changed, even if they occasionally receive an [Admin] notice. Such notices will be posted when necessary, and are intended as a gentle reminder to everyone about the kind of comments we'd prefer to avoid.