American lecture tour gets real

During the week of Nov. 7-11 I will be visiting five American universities and giving talks about our approach to teaching programming (as embodied by CTM) and about our research on distributed programming. The tour schedule and talk abstracts are available here. I will be happy to meet with people during the tour.

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Video recording?

Would any of the talks be recorded and the video be put online?

Video recording

I don't know whether my American talks will be recorded; that depends on the university. But I can tell you that the two invited talks that I gave last week at CLEI 2005 (Oct. 10-14, 2005, see CLEI 2005 invited talks) will soon be made available on the CLEI 2005 website.

“Because a wide variety of

“Because a wide variety of languages and programming paradigms can be modeled by a small set of closely related kernel languages, this approach allows programmer and student to grasp the underlying unity of programming.”

It is not difficult to construct consistent languages that unify apparently different techniques. As another example see this


...guess that's a whole lot better than this.


IT Conversations

Someone planning to attend might try to contact ITC (here's their vision) and help set up a podcast.

These days it is pretty easy to digitally record audio, and with a little help this might be the easiest way to publish Peter's talks.

Was Worth The Time

I attended Peter's lecture in Indianapolis at Butler. Peter is enthusiastic about the subjects of teaching programming and promoting the concepts underlying Oz.

It was worth the time.