Test post

Am getting a message "terminated request because of suspicious input data" when I post. The nature of the message sounds like the site SW thinks I'm trying to spoof it somehow...the post which is failing contains nothing which resembles HTML or XML, so I'm not sure why. This is a test post to see if I can post otherwise to the forum.

It appears to work.

Edit: An email has been sent to Ehud containing the post that was rejected by the server.

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One "feature" of C/C++ that i

One "feature" of C/C++ that is widely known is the ability to write things like

*dstPtr++ = *srcPtr++;

or worse, fun stuff like

(a += *bPtr++) ? c++ : ( d--);

Worse examples abound in production code, of course.

The C/C++ standards are full of discussions of "sequence points" and such, in order to make sense of such an expression (and give it well-defined semantics).

Interestingly enough, the behavior of the above gobbledygook is well-defined by the C/C++ standards, but the behavior of the following is not:

do_something (side_effect_1(), side_effect_2());

While C/C++ has applicative-order (strict) evaluation; an implementation may choose left-to-right or right-to-left for the above; so either side_effect may occur first.

One school of thought holds that statements with side effects should NOT be composable in this fashion--and that by separating terms into "statements" (which are not composeable but may contain side effects) and "expressions" (which may be composed, but may not have side effects), code quality can be improved.

Here it is

I had no problem posting it. Will investigage.