Pre-LINQ: rich object management in your PL

The definition and long-term management of data in complex systems requires extensive support, including high-level type and behavior modeling, persistence, query-based and navigational access, consistency management, and concurrency control. Traditionally, some of these capabilities have been provided by programming languages (e.g., semantically rich type and behavior models and navigational access), while others have been provided by database management systems (e.g., persistence, queries, and concurrency control). No language or database has provided the full set of required capabilities, however.

We have developed a different approach to addressing the object management needs of complex applications. This approach eliminates the dichotomy between "programming language" and "database"' objects, thus allowing the full set of language and database capabilities to be applied equally to all objects.

I have a smattering of understaning of LINQ; this paper appears to me to describe further functionality than what would be in LINQ at least at first. Apparently implemented as Pleiades for ADA, although that doesn't appear to be available any more.

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uhm, is there a link to this

uhm, is there a link to this paper?

Re: actual paper

Yes, but for some reason my former self apparently felt compelled to make you ask. Apologies from my current persona.