[Site] Network issues

LtU's hosting provider has been experiencing severe network problems recently. Over this past weekend and today, there have been outages lasting hours at a time (which is a relative eternity, when the provider's SLA promises 99.99% uptime). The provider is now saying that problems could continue for weeks, while they upgrade their network equipment.

As it happens, a move to (yet another) new server, at a bigger and more reliable provider, has been in the works for some time, so we're going to accelerate that process and make that move as soon as possible.

Until then, if you find yourself gnawing on the corner of your desk due to a temporary inability to reach LtU (what, you mean that's just me?), look in the directory where you've saved the papers you saw here, and read one of the ones that you never got around to reading. By the time you're done, LtU will be accessible again. :)

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chewing on desk...

No, you are not alone, have been there... But good to hear that all will be stable again soon :)

Network issues on Sunday

There may be some brief outages today (Sunday), while the provider upgrades their network equipment.