iPod-compatible SICP

I recently put together video-iPod compatible feed of the classic SICP lectures.
Grab the feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/SICP
(video RSS adventures documented here)

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this stuff is great

I have always wished I could listen to comp sci / programming languages lectures on my mp3 player. Seeing the video is going one better. I have found a few gems at it conversations, but not much. Can we get suggestions for publically available PL lectures?

Which gems?

I've found a few good, a few bad at IT Conversations. Could you suggest some gems to hear?

I ride the bus regularly, and my Palm IIIc with keyboard just isn't a great programming platform.


This will reflect my current interest, but here we go

XP/Agile Programming talks were good (are you agile or fragile in particular)
Guido on Python was very enlightening
Some OSCON talks are good (_not_ larry wall: state of the onion). Asa Dotzler: Linux -- In Serach of the desktop was quite nice.

IT Conversations

I liked Tim O'Reilly's The Software Paradigm Shift, Steve Wozniak, and (IIRC) Clayton Christensen.

videos mislabelled?

Is it just me, or are the labels for the podcasts incorrect?

For example, I downloaded the videos for lectures [1a, 1b, 2a], but the title at the very beginning of the videos say that I actually got [2b, 3a, 3b].

I can easily find the files and change things around to make it sensible, but I just wanted to know:

  1. If anyone else had seen this problem?
  2. Are lectures {1a,1b,2a} actually mixed in somewhere along the line, or are the first few alone messed, up, and I'll end up downloading some videos twice if I follow through on this?

In any case, I'm really grateful to have the new versions! I have the old ones lying around on my hard drive, but they take up a lot of space. These MP4 encoded versions are much more compact.

iPod soft

People buy something else not iPods! Why all buy them????! They are not the best. Why? Design? Than what about music? You cannot handle it without iTunes! Did any one was successful in communication with this weird soft at first time? I have another mp3 player Sansa . That’s good and affordable and the design is up-to-date. and i had no issues with sof and tons of books to read.

Off-topic and/or spam.

Off-topic and/or spam.