Feedback on post?

Been reading LtU for a while and some of the topics discussed have encouraged me to try using some of the more advanced functions supported by JavaScript. I'm pretty sure I'm using closures, but had a few questions-

js closures? my questions are:

If the form is:

someId = window.setInterval( ... ); there a way to pass someId back into the function that was created? In OO terms, something like the following:

closure = new SomeThingy();
someId = window.setInterval( closure, 1000 );
closure.setSomeExtraValue( someId );

...and is the explanation in the blog post fairly accurate?



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You cannot pass back, but

You don't have to pass a value back. The function can access all variables from the parent scope, even if a variable is created after the closure. For example:

var closure = function()
var someId = window.setInterval(closure, 1000);