FORTRAN 25th anniversary film online

FORTRAN 25th anniversary film, 1982, 12.5 minutes. Computer History Museum lot number X2843.2005, donated by Daniel N. Leeson. Windows Media Video (12.8 megabytes)

Another great resource from Paul McJones.

The video quality isn't great, but this is still very much worth your time. It's interesting to see the faces behind the history of our discipline.

I am not going to list all the ideas from the film that are worth discussing. Let me just note that several remarks at the begining show just how remarkable the notion of a programming language really is (or was, at the time).

The guys discussing Fortress will also find several of the comments made in the film interesting.

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It's like an interview with a dozen clones of my grandfather! If I only I could go back as a fly on the wall in that office.