Papers' repositories

Was not able to find a section that would mention arXiv, CiteSeer and other repositories. Wouldn't it be nice to have one besides Research Papers, which is great, but covers specific papers and not "libraries".
The reason for using searches in the specific repository instead of Google is that some queries like "path tree graph free generated category product" result in much more enterprise related topics than category related when run under generic searcher (Google).

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Sure, why not

The "research papers" page includes links to repositories - but only those dedicated to PLs.

If you send me the HTML to add, I'd be glad to add the links you suggest. I am buried with work at the moment, so if we wait until I find the time to do this, it will take a while. Sorry...


Well, the main complaint was not lacking some lists in the metalist, but mixing papers and lists in one (meta)list. I think people usually look for either lists or papers, so separating them would be benefitial (separate pages or big bold separator - both are fine).

What I propose is to create several "suggestion topics" - input queues to be filled by all users and processed by worker threads, er, editors. One topic for paper lists, one (say) for blogs, one for wikis. Not sure how to implement queue semantics - editors will need to mark the post as processed - probably deleting it? Probably just sending a mail to an editor is much simpler after all.. :-)


Probably just sending a mail to an editor is much simpler after all.. :-)