Ghost bumps

Recently I noticed several threads bumping up to the top of the tracker without any new posts in them (e.g., this or this). Upon closer examination, it looks they have a quite recent "last post" timestamp, very different from timestamps of contained posts. Is it a bug, or just a consequence of some administrative behavior (e.g., deleting inappropriate posts)?

If the latter, it's an interesting example of a business rule enforced only in one direction - upon creation of a post its timestamp is propagated to the thread, while upon deletion the effect is not undone. Where is a referential transparency?? :-)

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Visualizing monads

I don't know about those two threads, but I've noticed that if e.g. a story or forum post is updated, for example to fix a link, it bumps the thread. Just from looking at it, there's no way to tell why it was bumped. Instead of a referential transparency issue, perhaps it could be considered an example of the subtleties involved in visualizing certain monads...


(That's Admin+ing not Ad+mining)

What you describe happens when I administer threads. This often happens beacuse editors are careless and don't choose the appropriate categories (e.g., "implementation" is about the implemenation of languages, "fun" is for fun stuff, not FP etc.)

Recently, I did a no-op admin to bump up the etiquette thread, since I wanted more people to see it...