internship advice

I was hoping to get some advice about a dilemma I'm in. I'll be entering a Ph.D. program next fall (hopefully), and I'm already having trouble finding summer internships because few companies want to take on interns that 1. are just starting their research careers and 2. won't be available for full-time work for many years. Have any of you been in a similar situation or have any thoughts about it?

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I disagree

I disagree that few companies will take on interns with 1 and 2. First, if you're entering a Ph.D. program, then you must currently be in a Master's program. That means you've probably already taken many of the fundamental courses in your field. You should've already done interesting class projects that are very close to research. Use those to your advantage. Put them on the front of your resume. It has most definitely helped me get a job.

Secondly, if you've already had some internship, part-time, or full-time experience, you should also make that prominent. Even if it's not research, it will be valuable to potential employers.

Finally, be willing to try out a non-research internship. I don't know what area you're in, but I'm sure you can find something useful. Advanced design projects are good. Keep in mind that every internship you undertake makes you even more attractive to other future employers.