BBC Radio 4 Programme about the History and Development of AI


I don't know if any of you are interested in this but, the weekly BBC Radio 4 program "In Our Time" last installment divoted the whole program to the development and history of Artifical Intelligence (AI).

As you are probably aware, BBC Radio 4 offers a "listen again" service where past programs are streamed to you via Real Player so that you can enjoy missed programmes at your leisure. However, "IOT" is one of the few programs where you can actually download the programme as an MP3 as well.

"IOT"'s webiste is here:
Looks for the links on the left hand side of the page to either listen again via RealPlayer or download the MP3 if your interested in listening to this programme. (The MP3 is DRM free, BTW)

The next episode (about the Peterloo Massacre) is on Thursday morning and this new episode will replace this current edition about AI, so you may need to "digitus extractus" if you want to catch the programme and listen to it.

Barry Carr

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Thank you.

I just downloaded it. :-)