Dataflow languages and hardware - current status and directions

Being interested in dataflow languages and hardware for almost three weeks already I found very little information about those topics. The most interesting was Wavescalar dataflow processor mainly because of recency of the work.

It seem (from Google index) that dataflow programming is somewhat out of vogue.

Anyway, do anyone have any information about dataflow language implementations and hardware support for that computing paradigm?

And why does anything dataflow based seem to be out of mainstream?

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Aha. This is what I found alo

Aha. This is what I found along the lines of your suggestions.

It seem quite clever. Thank you very much.

low correlation of dataflow languages versus architecture

It is not obvious that using a data flow language gives you any advantage in running it on a data flow architecture! The same algorithm in a clean functional language will be easier to write than in a dataflow language and will map as well to a dataflow architecture given some good dataflow analysis.

The real issue is that many datalow languages seem to be written simple in order to need less analysis but this then forces the programmer to write "low level" designs.

This said there is activity out there in dataflow languages for streaming databases (e.g.