Keywords per post?

Readers of LtU sometimes want to read posts on one (specific or vague) topic. Editors can post to departments, others post to uncategorized forum. In the course of discussion, the topic can change drastically. Discussions are often inter-topical.

Therefore, wouldn't it be beneficial for readers that any posting person can assign a keyword for the post from the list of available? In this way each thread will acquire a polynomial key that can be matched with reader's criteria...

Is it technically hard to implement, or does it look like another crazy idea of me?

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Multi-set keys

By polynomial I meant multi-set, must have been reading too much lately...

The age of search

I never felt the need for keywords. Full search works better (cf. google).

Not sure if possible

(BTW, speaking of classification, I've reclassified this topic into the "Site Discussion" forum.)

I think there's nothing wrong with the idea here, but I'm not sure if Drupal makes this possible. It has hardcoded behavior related specifically to forum topics, in which a forum topic's classification determines which forum it belongs to. Whether it's technically possible to (easily) add additional classifications to forum topics would have to be investigated...