Robert Harper Named as ACM Fellow

The ACM has named 34 new Fellows for 2005, one of whom is Robert Harper, "for contributions to type systems for programming languages." This recognition is certainly well deserved, and Harper's work has been discussed here many times.

Here is the official ACM press release.

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As well as

Keith Cooper, the compiler guru at Rice who wrote some great work in the 80's on side-effect analysis, and various interprocedural optimizations.

Jennifer Widom, who has explored query langauges and complexity for different sorts of data (e.g. streaming, unstructured, actively updated) in her work on databases. Her Trio project is quite cool. I hope we'll see types for lineage and approximation creep into general purpose languages systems in the next couple years. Out of curiosity, has anyone found anything comparing lineage with security and non-interference?