Related Weblogs

Many in the weblog community are interested in programming and programming languages. Following are some PL related personal weblogs you may enjoy reading. The LtU community is part of the larger blogging community full of of insightful people. Fun!


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The Little Calculist

Don't forget Dave Herman's weblog!


Thanks for the plug!

Also, I'm surprised Ehud left out Phil Wadler's blog.


I fixed these omissions ;-)

Luke Gorrie squeaks on LJ

Is this node meant to be an ongoing resource? If so, Luke Gorrie's spanking new weblog, mostly meant to document his grapplings with smalltalk, will appeal.

Actually not, but thanks for

Actually not, but thanks for the link!
We really should set up the promised wiki and turn the "related blogs" page into a wiki page.

wiki plans

I remember the discussions from about a year ago, but I've not had much time for LtU in the last few months: is there any working aghreement on what the scope of such a wiki would be?

Not really. We got stuck

Not really. We got stuck with the technical work.

I think I posted about my general ideas. Basically, I think we should start with wikifying a few of the pages we already have (quotations, papers, blogs), and move on from there.

I have an idea for a wiki-based project I want to discuss with you, actually, which may be the basis for pahse two of the wiki rollout.

Planet Haskell.

I definitely recommend adding Planet Haskell to the list.

Additionally, Planet Scheme might be another option:


Planet Lisp and Planet Scheme

Thanks for the list, very useful. Well, I found planet Lisp and planet Scheme are very great for those who interested greatly on Scheme and Lisp in general, just like me.