Haskell video lectures online

I think this may have been mentioned before on LTU, but I thought I would post the link again as I found this series of lectures by Jürgen Giesl great for learning Haskell.

The lectures are 2005-SS-FP.V01 through 2005-SS-FP.V26.

Videos 2005-SS-FP.U01 through 2005-SS-FP.U11 are exercise answer sessions, so you probably don't want those.

They are given in english.

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very cool

Can't wait to try them out on my home computer?
Are there any other english courses on that web page?

Other Courses

It seems that most of the other courses on that website are not english, since I downloaded a single lecture from three of them and they were in German.

More english courses..

I downloaded a lecture from each of the courses that were allowed (some were forbidden though), and had more than 4 lectures. The following additional courses were in english:

2005-WS-DIS (Borchers) Designing Interactive Systems
2005-WS-HCI (Borchers) HCI Design Patterns
2004-WS-DIS1 (Borchers) ' '
2004-SS-HCI (Borchers) ' '
2003-SS-VS (Thissen) Distributed systems

Automata Theory and Reactive Systems in English

If you want to learn more about automata theory:

http://www-i7.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/d/teaching/ws0203/ars/ Automata
and Reactive Systems

I rather mention this because these folks have a better concept for distance learning.

500 MB for a lecture video is too much.

You need audio and the stuff on the slides (or on the blackboard).
You don't need the video of a professor in front of a camera. Focussing on the slides you can squeeze 45min in about 10 MB!

Here is their system:


(Prof. Thomas lectures also one of the courses in the original link, so you might compare what kind of transmission is better suited for learning).

Berkeley's online courses

Berkeley also has a number of courses with lecture notes and full video available at:

The most interesting one for the LtU crowd has to be The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Windows Codec?

Both my Real Player and Windows Media Player don't recognize the Codec. WMP can play the sound, but not the video. Is there a place to get a Codec for Windows to play the AVI files properly?


Spoke too soon

The page has a link on it for downloading the necessary components.