JOT: On The Next Move in Programming

We seem to be in denial that our industry is maturing, we are losing our elders, some of us don’t code any more and many of our new things are really good ideas from 20 or more years ago. Some good old ideas reappear because the technology is now available to commercially exploit them; others become popular because they provide a better approach to solving a particular problem. Reinvention and improvement of good old ideas is both scholarly and sound engineering provided the prior art is cited and explained as opposed to hyped or even patented. This means we need to look for the important small improvements and not just the big bang!

Nothing remarkably new in this article, but you might want to take a look. The article was inspired by The Next Move in Programming: A Conversation with Sun's Victoria Livschitz. Victoria Livschitz's ideas were discussed here in the past.

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People Oriented Software

It looks like Croquet/Squeak is trying to address that space. Here is a video of a Croquet presentation given back in October.