Back button & scroll position

I've noticed that for me (Firefox on Windows XP) when I use the back button on LtU, my browser doesn't remember how far up or down the page I was. It always resets to being at the top, which gets to be a little frustrating. It seems to work for me in general (I tried it out on other - non drupal - random sites). Dunno if it would be a drupal specific thing? Any suggestions / experiences would be appreciated, gracias.

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Forced Reloads

LtU seems to force a reload of the page every time you use your forward or back buttons. After a page load, Firefox always jumps to the top of the page.

Don't know what the problem is though, since the HTTP response headers look sane.

Check extensions for clues

I had a similar 'problem' which I have traced to a Firefox extension called "Customize Google". It was set by default to 'Give the search box focus' and caused the page to jump to the top not only on Google web searches but curiously on other pages with search boxes at the top!
Unchecking this option restores the original functionality.


Since you use Firefox, you can use the middle mouse button to open links in a new tab. When you close the new tab your old tab will be at the same place.

Ain't browser UIs wonderful?

Somehow I hadn't previously noticed this behavior, probably because as Jeff suggests, I rely heavily on tabs.

I'm guessing that the page reloads are happening because Drupal is trying to ensure that you see any new comments that might have been posted to a thread. When I get a chance, I'll take a look at that and see if it makes sense to disable it.

You could use Opera to avoid

You could use Opera to avoid this.