Problem with forum listings


I was looking through the forum of active topics. And there's a problem with the buttons such as "Created". Once you click on it, it adds ?sort=asc&order=Created to the end of the url. You would think that clicking on this again would turn the sort=asc to sort=desc. (Manually typing this in in the addressbar has the expected result). I would also think that a priori people want to see the most recent post first (which is what I was trying to achieve), and therefore start with sort=desc instead of sort=asc. However the main bug is the fact that clicking on the "Created button" again lenghtens the url so that it now becomes: ?sort=asc&order=Created&order=Created

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I saw that awhile ago, but

I saw that awhile ago, but it slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder, we'll see what can done.


Fixed by applying patch ( The default initial order is still ascending, though.