I just noticed this project and since we like discussing language-in-a-language projects, I thought I'd mention it.

It seems that they are almost ready to run Rails. Now that's going to be cool!

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JRuby is for real

I'm one of the two core developers on the project, and I'd like everyone to know JRuby is really moving along lately. Just a couple hours ago, I managed to get a Rails request to process, and we've been enhancing and fixing the core interpreter left and right. We're also planning a number of advanced VM features like m:n threading, mixed-mode JIT compilation, and tail-call optimization (all on the JVM, no less!). We'd love for those of you interested to stop by and have a chat with us. We'll be presenting at JavaOne this year, so we'll be in SF from May 16-19. The core team is located in Minneapolis, so if you're in the area, drop us a line! I've been trying to update my blog frequently with major updates, so check headius.blogspot.com if you're interested. Thank you!