New Common Lisp FAQ

Seems there's a new Common Lisp FAQ in the works.

The entries may be of interest even if you aren't a Lisp programmer. Highlights: a detailed discussion on parentheses, and a section on Lisp nomenclature.

Note that many more entries can be found in the FAQ staging area.

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I don't know much about

I don't know much about scheme, but I think this is incorrect:

The faq says that the scheme equivalent of:
(common lisp):

(funcall (if (sometest) #'foo #'bar) 1 2 3)


((if (sometest) #'foo #'bar) 1 2 3)

Is this correct? Shouldn't it be:

((if (sometest) foo bar) 1 2 3)

Or am I wrong?

You are right.

You are right.

Seems like it's still the rough draft

I suspect it's an artifact of his CL coding habits and the fact that this looks like a rough draft. He also uses "no" instead of "know "at one point. I'm sure we'll see a more polished version soon.

Just to clarify, "he" (Peter

Just to clarify, "he" (Peter Seibel) did not write most of the content that you read on the rough draft / staging page. The questions and answers were submitted by others, mostly through the CL Gardeners.
The "more polished" version, which is being edited by peter, is already up at the first link mentioned in the post.