Links: Web Programming Without Tiers

Links: Web Programming Without Tiers. Ezra Cooper, Sam Lindley, Philip Wadler, Jeremy Yallop.

Links is a programming language for web applications. Links generates code for all three tiers of a web application from a single source, compiling into JavaScript to run on the client and into SQL to run on the database. Links provides support for rich clients running in what has been dubbed `Ajax' style. Links programs are scalable in the sense that session state is preserved in the client rather than the server, in contrast to other approaches such as Java Servlets or PLT Scheme.

Links is related to many of the recent discussions (here's one), and was discussed here a few times in the past. This paper is a nice overview, and a good place to start if you haven't looked at Links before.

It would be nice (and, I think, productive) to have Erik and Philip, who both guest blog here on occasion, discuss their different PL based approaches to web programming here on LtU! What better place to discuss web programming?!

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This looks really interesting

Is there any code out there to play with?

There's a demos page here.

There's a demos page here.

Well I was thinking more along the lines

of a prototypical interpreter/compiler setup I could try out on my own machine, but looks like it hasn't reached that stage yet...


We haven't released the implementation yet, but anticipate doing so fairly soon. If you drop an email to a member of the team, we'll let you know when we make a release.