Fortress Spec 0.903

The Fortress Language Spec v0.933

There is now a chapter on the memory model (Ch. 18).

Again, this spec looks more tidy than its predecessors.
Evaluation, types, and operators have their own chapters now.

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I'm extremely interested in this language--it keeps looking better to me all the time. Does anyone have any idea of when there might be some sort of compiler or compiler prototype? I've poked around but can't find anything. I'm not complaining, I'm just excited to see what happens with this project and where it is going.

From the spec

"Similarly, one cannot write a · b / c · d ; but juxtaposition does bind more tightly than a loose (whitespace-surrounded) division slash, so one is allowed to write a b / c d , and this means the same
as (a b)/(c d) . On the other hand, loose juxtaposition binds less tightly than a tight division slash, so that a b/c d means the same as a (b/c) d . On the other other hand, tight juxtaposition binds more tightly than tight division, so that (n + 1)/(n + 2)(n + 3) means the same as (n + 1)/((n + 2)(n + 3)) ."

In the font presented in the PDF, I can't even tell the difference. This language will be a challenge to read and debug... just wrapping this text for LTU may have changed the meaning.