Erlang/OTP release with multiprocessor support

Erlang/OTP R11B has now been released with support for transparently scheduling Erlang processes across multiple CPUs.

Congratulations to the OTP and HiPE teams and to Tony Rogvall for making this a reality!

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This is really wonderful. A huge leap, and sounds so simple.

Several months ago, I joined a huge, multi-year, multi-million line C++ project that solves essentially the same problems as OTP. It's not pretty. I'm just a grunt programmer... but I'd love to be working in Erlang instead.

Take heart!

Most Erlang success stories begin with huge, multi-year, multi-million line C++ failure stories. :-)

You might find some amusment in the slides of Erlang: Bits of history, words of advice of Ericsson projects by Joe Armstrong.


It isn't a failure story. The project has already passed a number of commercial releases, is deployed in lots of places, and is moving forward at a steady pace. It's mostly thanks to really good management.


Oh well, better luck next time. ;-)

Variation on the "Chinese curse"

"May your massive C++ project succeed!"



Pocket protector?

Heh, those presentations are always funny...

What does he mean by "protector"? Does he mean Ericsson is the protector, or some individual in the company hierarchy?


in PDF