Continuations and MicroThreads on Mono

Continuations and MicroThreads on Mono is a modification of the Mono VM to implement...Continuations and MicroThreads!

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Embrace and extend

It would be a kind of poetic justice if the Mono project managed to embrace and extend the .Net framework, e.g. by adding things to their CLR implementation that - say - a .Net Ruby implementation might need in order to really fly.

Stackless IronPython might be cool, too...

Microthreading for mobile code on Mono

A friend of mine is working on similar stuff for Second Life. A bit more heavy weight though, the code needs to be mobile and to help aleviate the danger of DOS attacks it also needs to be pre-emptive.

AFAIK there's no code available, but I think Second Life is going open source eventually.

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