EasyExtend - Python MetaProgramming

Just saw this announcement on Google groups / comp.lang.python.

EasyExtend is a constructive approach to extend the Python language using pure Python. EasyExtend is developed as a Python framework depending only on tools provided by the CPython interpreter suite ( compiler ) and standard library as well as some pieces of code borrowed from the PyPy project. Opposite to toolkits for writing extension modules in C ( or RPython in future ) the EasyExtend framework is dedicated to extend the language itself by adding new grammar rules and transformation of parse trees. Acting directly on the nodes of syntax trees makes EasyExtend safe and extensible. Moreover the parser and the transformations are considerably fast. While EasyExtend can obviously be used to define "little languages" embedded in Python it can also be used to create Python oriented tools like a code coverage tool based on code generation. For both use-cases examples will be provided.

You'll want to probably want to check out the examples.

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EasyExtend 3.0

I think I use this 10.000 BC announcement notification to promote a full version upgrade I released yesterday.