haXe 1.0

There's been a lot of activity with Javascript generators lately, with project such as Google Web Toolkit or Links. haXe is an OO language with high-level features (polymorphism, type inference, structural subtyping, iterators) meant to program the Web. It targets three platforms : Javascript, Neko (for the server side) and Flash.

Instead of taking an approach to isolate a "common feature set", haXe has a common standard library but also give access to each platform "native" library. Some classes can be supported on several platforms by using conditional-compilation with platform-specific code. For example haXe includes some optional libraries that can be used for example to do transparent synchronous or asynchronous communications between the platforms (called Remoting).

haXe 1.0 was released a few days ago on http://haxe.org. The haXe compiler is entirely written in OCaml.

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I'm having some confusion with the mix of OOP and FP, but it's nice.
I can develop Flashlets with purely open source tools now, w00!


I just came across Hsxe/NME. This is very cool. The testimonials I saw were enthusiastic. Way to go guys!

I've used it

It is good, and bad, just like anything. Fortunately it is more good than bad, and the community is still going strong (not that I'm a contributor, just a user). I've written a game with it, as yet unpublished.

The latest is that you should check out Haxe 3, which is just about to be released some day soon any time now really.